An approach to contemporary creation spaces in Madrid

On 25 February 2023, during the week of ARCO, ‘Todo lo demás’ was inaugurated at CentroCentro. An approach to contemporary creation spaces in Madrid.

Since the 1970s, there have been many spaces dedicated to the visual arts that have offered a regular programme to the city of Madrid. Despite the fact that the local context is strongly marked by public cultural institutions, independent spaces have enriched the scene by providing autonomy and diversity. Today there are around forty of them active, with programmes that include exhibitions, conferences, workshops, residencies, meals and other events with which they have managed to generate a closer relationship with the visiting public.

Todo lo demás arises from CentroCentro's invitation to four of these spaces to develop a collective curatorship to offer an approach to these hybrid organisations. In this exhibiton, twenty very different spaces are presented. Their proposals are what the pedagogue Manuel Bartolomé Cossío called "everything else", referring to the amalgam of knowledge and experiences of a non-academic nature that are indispensable in the process of a person's education.

If we understand art and culture as an expanded field of knowledge, nourished by diverse elements, contemporary creation spaces provide "everything" that a public or commercial institution does not offer: Experimental artistic proposals, which take risks and operate from intuition; shared learning spaces, where processes rather than results are encouraged; de-hierarchical working models, with horizontal and inclusive teams, where equity and solidarity are promoted; committed cultural practices, which address the problems of their context, which promote hospitality, the creation of lasting bonds and, above all, which are capable of sustaining a community of affinities around their programming.

The public programme linked to the exhibition included around thirty activities, such as workshops, screenings, music shows and live performances, linked to the creative and research processes of each of the spaces that make up the exhibition.

Participating spaces:
Alimentación 30, Aparador Monteleón, CAR-Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural, Casa Banchel, Espacio Afro, Espacio de Todo, #Ey!Studio, FelipaManuela, Institute for Postnatural Studies, Centro Cultural de Experimentación y Documentación Artística La Parcería (CCEDA), La Juan Gallery, marcablanca, Museo La Neomudéjar, Nadie Nunca Nada No, Omnívoros, Planta Alta, Proa, Salón, Storm And Drunk, Zapadores Ciudad del Arte

A project curated by:
Amelie Aranguren (CAR-Centro de Acercamiento a lo rural)
Andrea Pacheco González (FelipaManuela)
Flavia Introzzi (Planta Alta)
Ramón Mateos (Nadie Nunca Nada No)

Exhibition design: Ramón Mateos
Graphic design: Clara Sancho

Photography: Lukasz Michalak for CentroCentro