The Plataforma de Espacios Independientes de Creación Contemporánea (Platform of Independent Spaces for Contemporary Creation) was constituted in 2022 as the non-profit cultural association 'Asociación de Espacios Autoorganizados de Artes Visuales y Creación Contemporánea' registered in the National Register of Associations.

Write us at info@plataformaespaciosindependientes.org
Follow us at @plataformaespacios

What is an independent space?

We consider an independent space for contemporary creation to be:
  • Firstly, a physical space in which experimental, discursive and interdisciplinary artistic practices are carried out, open to the public. 
  • Secondly, a space self-organised by artists, curators and/or creators that conceives itself as a platform open to other artists. 
  • Thirdly, a space whose project is neither commercial nor a mere service provider.
  • And lastly, a space that is not financially dependent on a public or private entity.

Join the platform

If you represent an independent contemporary creation space and would like to join the platform based in Spain, follow these simple steps:

  1. Review our manifesto and objectives and, if you agree with them:
  2. Fill in this form with the information about your space.
  3. We will review it and give you an answer within 30 days from the date of sending.

Membership of the Plataforma de Espacios Independientes de Creación Contemporánea costs €100 per year. This fee will be used entirely for the maintenance of the platform.

Governing Board

Ramón Mateos (NadieNuncaNadaNo) - President
Débora Levy (ACME) - Vicepresident
Amelie Aranguren (CAR) - Treasurer
Marko Zednik (Casabanchel) - Secretary
Diego Iglesias (HYPER HOUSE) - Vocal
Alfonso Fernández (Ey!studio) - Vocal
Silvia Ramírez Monroy (La Parcería) - Vocal